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The majority of water pipes and sewers in Finland are small in diameter. As a result, Finland is at the forefront of rehabilitation of small diameter pipes, with many specialist contractors working for public utilities, as well as and inside private houses.

The Finnish road authorities have recently reviewed the regulations for crossing roads with cables and pipes and have now declared that wherever possible, trenchless techniques should be utilised.

This will of course greatly increase the use of trenchless and opportunities for the industry.

  • Finland has an excellent pipe material industry and also very innovative product manufacturers for small diameter pipes. This was recognised by the Product of the year Award presented by ISTT in Sao Paulo 2012.
  • In addition to the extensive trenchless works in Finland, there is also huge market potential in nearby locations including Stockholm, Tallinn and St Petersburg which are all only some hours away from Helsinki.

The trenchless market in Finland includes the following techniques:


The Finnish Society for Trenchless Technology (FiSTT)

The Finnish Society for Trenchless Technology (FiSTT) was founded in 1999. Today, it has a very energetic national Board and a strong membership.

FiSTT has a very close relationship with The Ministry of Environment and all major cities in Finland.

FiSTT also has a very good relationship with other societies associated with the water sector in Finland.

There are 20 local industry companies that are involved in rehab works. There are also manufacturing companies involved, two of which were awarded the Innovated Product Award by ISTT and NaSTT.

FiSTT have co-operated with The Finnish Ministry of Environment for a guideline for rehabilitation works of sewers and waterpipes to get a better quality within those works.

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) enables smooth, efficient and safe travel and transport. We are responsible for Finland’s roads, railways and waterways and for the development of Finland’s transport system.

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency is responsible for developing and maintaining the state-owned road network, the railways and the waterways.

Through our tasks, which include maintaining the level of service of transport, we promote wellbeing in society and competitiveness of Finnish industry.

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